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You can run job using either the formatted form or a pseudo cli.



For function completion and documentation, use the parse module setting. Your custom modules should also be present.

Client type

  • Local: Run execution modules synchronously. Sends a command from the master to the targeted minions. This is the same interface that Salt's own CLI uses.

  • Runner: Master side execution sequences.

  • Wheel: Master side management routine.

Target type


This depends on the selected Target type.


Function completion and documentation are taken from the parse module setting.

Args and Keyword Arguments

Use these fields for functions. If functions use named args or kwargs, they should be suggested.


Schedule a recurring job, or postpone it.

Test button

The test button will run the selected function with `#!python test=True` kwarg added set.



This pseudo CLI should work like the salt command.

There's a basic completion on minions and states.

If you want to run a state using another client type use --client= argument.

For example:

salt --client=wheel key.list_all